What Makes Sweet T's Cupcakery So Unique?

Discover why ordering from us isn't like ordering from other bakeries

Are you tired of the bland, mass-produced flavor you get from store-bought desserts? Sweet T's Cupcakery is different. Our business began as a hobby shared by cook Michael and baker Tiffany. That hobby soon grew into a fully fledged business.

Cupcakes can lift your mood when you're feeling down. They can also convey messages of support, love and enthusiasm to the people you care about. Next time you want to make a loved one feel special or celebrate your friends, try saying it with cupcakes.

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Enjoy delicious specialty cupcakes made with love

Enjoy delicious specialty cupcakes made with love

We use homemade ingredients and family recipes in our desserts. You aren't getting generic cupcakes that taste indistinguishable from something you might pick up last minute. Our cupcakes have:

  • Handmade icing
  • Specialty cream
  • Options for liquor infusion
  • Love baked into every bite
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